Curriculum Vitae


Ph.D. in English and Education, University of Michigan, 2021
M.Ed. in Educational Leadership, Calvin University, 2012
B.A. in English and Education, Calvin University, 2006

Academic Employment

Assistant Professor of English, Hope College, 2022-Present

Visiting Assistant Professor of English, Hope College, 2021-2022

Adjunct Instructor of English, Calvin University, 2020

Courses Taught at Hope College

English 380: Teaching of Secondary School English

Description: This English education course combines theory and methods with internship experience in local secondary schools. Students will study and apply the teaching of language, literature, and writing.

IDS 172: (“Cultural Heritage 2”) Christianity and Popular Culture: From Hamilton to Chick-fil-a

Description: Through the study of history, philosophy, and literature, this course traces the development of Christianity and popular cultural ideas from the time of the Protestant Reformation through the present. This course focuses on Western history and thought, highlighting revolutionary thinkers (like Alexander Hamilton) and cultural manifestations of religion, including the unexpectedly political practices like preferring –or boycotting– Chick-fil-a.

English 113: Language and Culture

Description: This academic writing course explores the ways that language creates and interprets culture, and in particular, the ways that our attitudes about language shape our realities and mediate our understandings of ourselves and our cultures. Readings and projects will cover a range of topics including the ways that language and culture are mutually sustaining, the rhetoric of social media, and close analyses of cultural phenomena. Students will also develop research projects in areas of personal interest.

IDS 100: (“First-year Seminar”) How to Live            

Description: This first-year seminar course serves to orient students to life at Hope College by providing social and academic opportunities to think deeply about what it means to live an intentional, meaningful life.

Other Teaching Experience

Graduate Student Instructor, First-year Writing, University of Michigan, 2016- 2017.

High school English teacher, Grand Rapids Christian High School, 2006-2016.

Research Experience

Graduate Student Research Assistant, University of Michigan: Assistant for Dr. Anne Curzan, Dean; Professor of English, Linguistics, and Education. 2017-2018, 2020-2021.

Graduate Student Research Assistant, University of Michigan: English Department Diversity Committee. Summer 2019.

Summer Research Assistant, University of Michigan: Assistant for Dr. Megan Sweeney, Associate Professor of English. Summer 2017.

Conference Presentations

“Communities of Care and Slow Reading in Desperate Times.” CCC Annual convention. Chicago, IL. March 2023.

“Pulling Roots: Emergent Hospitality from the Soil of Decoloniality.” MLA International Symposium. Glasgow, Scotland. June 2022.

“Shifting Code-Meshing Pedagogies Toward Practices of Rhetorical Agency.” CCCC Annual Convention. Chicago, IL. March 2022. Accepted.

Your Voice is Kind of Muffled: Multilingual Student Talk about the Commons of Classroom Discourse.” CCCC Annual Convention. Spokane, WA. April 2021.

“Multilingual Students and the Cultural Commons of Classroom Discourse.” CCCC Annual Convention. Milwaukee, WI. March 2020 (conference cancelled due to COVID 19).

“Listening to Lost Voices: Humanizing Ethnographic Methods.” MLA International Symposium. Lisbon, Portugal. July 2019.

“Translingual Pedagogy and Student-Instructor Negotiated Projects.” Watson Conference. Louisville, KY. October 2018.

“Decolonizing Writing Studies Rhetoric: 50 Years of (De)coloniality in RTE, 1967-2017.” CCCC Annual Convention. Kansas City, MO. March 2018.

“Feeling Some Kind of Way: Deepening Considerations of Translingual Differencing.” Annual Convention of the Midwest Modern Language Association. Cincinnati, OH. November 2017.

“Students Reclaim Their Voices: Using Student-Directed Choice to Reclaim Linguistic Agency.“ CCCC Summer Conference. University of Cincinnati, OH. June 2017.

“Cultivating a Peer Review Culture that Engages in Productive Conflict.” GSCO Graduate Student Conference: The Stories We Tell, University of Michigan. March 2017.

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