The interior of an academic building. Chairs and tables are seen through black window panes.

Kristin currently has several articles forthcoming, under R&R, or submitted for peer-reviewed publication:

  • VanEyk, Kristin (Forthcoming). “What Women Write: On Decanting Macaroni and Saying Goodbye to Ghost Trains.” Writing on the Edge.
  • VanEyk, Kristin (Under R&R). “‘Participation is not About a Language Thing’: Access, Ideology, and Translingualism.” College Composition and Communication.
  • VanEyk, Kristin (Under R&R). “‘The University is All in English’: Multilingual Student Talk About Translingual Writing. College Composition and Communication.
  • Curzan, Anne; Queen, Robin; VanEyk, Kristin; Weissler, Rachel (Invited; submitted). “Language Standardization.”
  • “The Politics of Prescriptivism: One Style Manual, One Century.” (with Anne Curzan; submitted).

Kristin also has several articles and a book-length manuscript in progress:

  • VanEyk, Kristin (In Progress). “Dear Future Teachers: What do we do about CRT?”
  • VanEyk, Kristin (In Progress). “Critical Ethnographic Methods: Member Checking at the Margins.”
  • Writing Difference (Monograph in progress)

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